How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Not Kid Entrepreneurs

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Not Kid Entrepreneurs
Skilledwise 15 Apr 2022

New-age teens think diversely about their future occupation, and many have determined they don’t want to work for anyone else. Like so:

  • 61.0% of kid girls have considered starting a business, compared to 54.0% of boys.
  • 6.0% of kid boys have already initiated a business, while 4.0% of girls have done the same.
  • Nearly 60.0% of teenagers are more inclined to someday commencing their own business instead of working a traditional job.
  • About 2 out of 5 teens surveyed mentioned their inspiration for entrepreneurship mainly comes from social media notables& celebrities.
  • 45.0% of kids want to understand the ropes from current business holders& 37.0% would be engrossed in programs at or after school teaching entrepreneurship.

A similar global survey established that:

  • 13.0%initiated their 1st business at the age of 18 or younger, though the median age entrepreneurs tend to begin their first business is 28.
  • For 67.0% of teens -Fear of Failure is the main concern, who admit it might stop them from establishing a business.
  • 69.0% of kids admit they have a business theory but are hesitant about how to begin the process.
  • 78.0% of entrepreneurs emphasized work experience is more supportive than a college degree when talking about starting a business (nearly 53.0% of teens agree).
  • 75.0% of entrepreneurs mentioned - that “Motivation” is vital, among qualities that were traced as most essential when it comes to being an affluent entrepreneur.

The Basics: Raising Entrepreneurial Kids, Not Kid Entrepreneurs

There is a big demarcation between raising a child with entrepreneurial abilities& raising a child entrepreneur. The former is an aspiration.

Implant the mindset of musing big, infinite possibilities, and a perception of what it takes to get there. Educate entrepreneurial aptitudes and look for fun ways to embody them in a risk-free environment. It also demands identifying ways to experiment with entrepreneurial possibilities.

Are successful entrepreneurs born or made?

One could contend that they are born with qualities that make them affluent, e.g., an open mind, urge, competitive drive, or the capability to view the big picture. And what about the expertise we advance over time, like creativity, determination, confidence, and the capability to handle anxiety!

To raise the next breed of entrepreneurs, we shouldn't only gamble-on genetic traits. We must educate them on how to be entrepreneurs, and there’s no greater way to comprehend than by doing.


The responsibility of Parents & Teachers:

The part of parents & teachers is to aid set them up for success and prosperity. Just more than that, it’s enablement, confidence & realization that not only can someone set their path but that they have the determination to do so.

Concentration on raising entrepreneurial kids, not kid entrepreneurs, implies developing someone for long-term well-being rather than targeting instant wins. It will define when they are all set to begin an enterprise, should they opt, they will possess everything they require in shape to get going.

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids -the Essentials:

setting-a-target-is-very-imp  Setting a target is very important for future success:

Educating your kids on how to set and achieve their goals can be delightful and highly effective activity. Studies reveal that written goals are 80.0% more probable to be achieved.

kids-must-comphreend-how-identify  Kids must comprehend how to identify opportunities:

Commend your kids for pointing out minor problems or disappointments in their lives that cause them anguish. Brain wave solutions on how to tackle what’s disturbing them. Turning collapses into opportunities teaches kids to focus on forming positive answers rather than the problem itself.

selling-is-connected-with-every-part-of-life  Selling is connected with every part of life:

Encourage your kids to begin with small schemes like selling their old toys, erecting a lemonade stand, or proposing their pet-sitting skills. Allow them to rate their products, sell to different people, and encourage the transactions when they make sales.

financial-literacy-is-mendatory Financial literacy is mandatory:

This is one field that we all could utilize help with. Guiding children about money at an early age will impart to kids a solid base in finance. This is something that schools probably do not give enough attention to.

stimulating-creative-will-shape  Stimulating creativity will shape marketing skills:

Educating kids about marketing is a superb way to aid them, in fetching customers, for their future ventures. As we are aware, without consumers, even the largest business will break down. This is a very vital skill to absorb while young.

school-otren-are-wrong  Schools often are wrong about– FAILURE:

In schools, we are tutored that failure is severe. In the entrepreneurial domain, failure can be an important aspect if a positive lesson is garnered. Failure will compel them to formulate a new approach to achieve their goals & learn from their mistakes. This will shape them to become confident kids who understand how to persevere when times are difficult.

efficint-communication  Efficient communication enhances all relationships:

With the universality of social media & messaging, most kids today are more inclined to be awful at face-to-face & telephonic interaction. Flourishing businesses demand that people speak to one another. Educating your kids to communicate efficiently will render them a winning edge in their business & personal relationships.

the The art of giving back generates contentedness:

Kids need to learn the importance of helping others. It’s a trait that will help them to stay humble during times of great success & will enlighten them to absorb that a successful business caters benefits to more than just its holder.

independence Independence engenders confidence:

Who does not yearn for their kids to be independent &affluent? An Entrepreneurial mindset demonstrates to kids how to rely on themselves for their success which in turn drives them into versatile adults and upcoming leaders.

travel-with-your-family Travel with your kids:

Travel with your kids, even when they are quite young, and you don’t consider they will remember it. Being an entrepreneur demands exposing your mind to new prospects& adapting the best of diverse concepts to make something brilliant. Sticking to one place, and encountering one viewpoint, makes that tougher.

reward-their-thought Reward their thought process, the drive to risk-taking& innovation

Spare some time to debate the “ventures” with your kids & do not worry about the consequences. Speak what was good, what they could do discordantly next time, what they rejoiced, what they didn’t & what you expected& how hard they worked!  The objective is to support them have fun, rejoicing in the process, and comprehending.


Raising entrepreneurial kids is critical to us as a family, not just because we expect that our kids will keep open minds and be productive in their career selections, but also because it widens up a world of lifestyle prospects. Nevertheless, even if your kids do not turn out to be entrepreneurs, educating them about entrepreneurship guides them in creativity & seeing the world in different colors.