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Skilledwise Achievers

Agam Tripathi
(Age 10, Class 5th)

Agam is a smart child and he has completed the beginner course successfully. Agam is curious to know money.

(Age 11, Class 6th)

After beginner course, Aryan's spending habits have changed and started saving now. He has enrolled for foundation classes ahead.

(Age 10, Class 5th)

Peehu is smart and intelligent girl. She has started saving and investing after foundation classes and became one of top performers with Skilledwise.

(Age 14, Class 8th)

Bhoomika is a bright and sharp child and after classes, she has started helping her parents avoid impulsive buying and focus on savings.

Vanshaj Behal
(Age 14, Class 9th)

Vanshaj is learning fast and already saved 5000 INR in a month. He is on a mission to save 34000 INR for his dream cricket kit.

Veer Dhawan
(Age 9, Class 4th)

Veer was surprised after taking few money management classes and got excited right after few classes. He started savings as well.

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Entrepreneurship Encourages Kids to Think Critically

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They carefully think about a subject or idea without allowing opinions or feelings to affect them. ... Critically thoughtful kids build informed views of their own and learn to trust their ability to work through situations and challenges confidently.

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