Ways to Teach Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs

Ways to Teach Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs
Skilledwise 13 May 2022

Nearly 60.0% of teens are more interested in commencing their own business instead of working a conventional job.

A recent survey concluded that:

  • About 2 out of 5 teens surveyed mentioned their motivation for entrepreneurship usually emerges from social media influencers & celebrities.
  • The survey also established that 45.0% of kids want to comprehend the ropes from current business holders
  • 37.0% would consider programs at or after school educating entrepreneurship.

Other findings of a similar survey reveal:

  • About 1/3rd of teens (29.0%) admitted their greatest concern about initiating a business is that it’s “too risky,”
  • About 1/4th (24.0%), don’t consider there’s “enough money in it.”
  • Fewer (18.0%) mentioned it didn’t “suit my personality/skills.”
  • Most kids (52.0%) said they required “someone to invest” in their business to believe in being an entrepreneur.
  • About (51.0%) mentioned they would require “more information on what it would take to be affluent”
  • Nearly (47.0%) said they would require “support from parents and family.”
  • About 1/3rd of kids (38.0%) would need “friends with similar interest” to incorporate with them

Reasons Why Kids Emerge as Amazing Entrepreneurs:

Kids Kids are not afraid of failing:

Kids are not afraid of failure as they have not FAILED before. Someone elder with immense life incidents will naturally have fear, it’s instinctive. Their naiveness and shortfall of life experiences are a great advantage.

kids Kids are Tech Savvy:

Kids are entirely tuned in when it comes to technology. They are born Tech Savvy, almost literally. As technology develops, kids will naturally unfold with it. There will never be an exorbitant absorbing curve.

Kids-are-Innately Kids are Innately curious:

Being curious is innate, particularly as a kid. This curiosity is the outcome of questions like-

“What will happen if I do this?”

“Why does this happen when I do that?”

Mostly all flourishing entrepreneurs setup businesses that find a solution for common problems and make something smoother.

Kids-are-knowledge Kids are knowledge Squeegees:

Kids love to comprehend and they absorb as much knowledge as they can, thanks to technology too. Now, with search engines like Google, everything is a click away. If a kid is inclined towards a specific topic, they can have all sorts of info in a few taps & click, of course under parental guidance.

Effective Ways to educate your kids entrepreneurship early in life

Goal setting is mandatory for their future

Guide your kids to determine and write down their top 5 goals and then select the one goal that would make the greatest positive influence on their life. That goal should be their prime target. Further, write the actions necessary to acquire this exciting target and encourage them to commence taking action on those steps right away.


Don’t crush your kid’s curiosity:


You will witness many such circumstances when kids will pop up with some question that you as a parent would consider very goofy and prefer to ignore every time. But this approach of yours is a way to suppress the curiosity, instead, you should instantly answer your kids each & every dopey question and that creates a way for him/her to dive deeper into the issues and ideas.

Kids must comprehend how to identify opportunities:

Most people never recognize their full abilities because they fail to perceive an opportunity. Turning exigencies into opportunity educates them to focus on framing positive results rather than the problem itself. This quality will grant them to enhance profitable ideas in their future ventures.


Motivating creativity will establish marketing skills:


Educating kids about marketing is a superb approach to help them lure customers to their future ventures. Inspire your kids to begin analyzing the messages behind marketing tools like billboards, banners, printed adverts in magazines, and T.V. commercials. Question them about what captures their attention about the message and observe if they can determine the meaning behind the logo, tagline, etc.

Financial Vulnerability:

Break-ups of complex financial theories into simpler forms are vital for the kids to comprehend the nuances of entrepreneurship as absorbing finance is the impetus in entrepreneurship. And subjecting the kids from their earlier life today to financial work also establishes the foundation for the kids to elevate to the next level.


Innovation and set-backs walk hand in hand:


Lay open your kids to new technologies & ideas as per their interest, never allow them have an insular outlook, rather you should inspire them to chase their interests. Never misspend this opportunity to instruct your kids on the fundamental ethics of life. Allow them to work on their own and also never try to shield themselves from failures because failures are the imperative part of every entrepreneurial undertaking.

Encourage adaptability:

We should perceive that our kids will face events that will knock them out-off their feet and we won’t always be there to back them. To support our kids and not be deterred by circumstances like that is to educate them to be adaptable and flexible in the span of struggle. Instill your kids to absorb that it is normal to fall as long as they get back up on their feet and move on.


 Time is Priceless:


Educating your kids about the value of time is very critical for success, rather it would be relevant to mention that it is a stepping stone for initiating the entrepreneurial journey. Hence, taking into account the lessons to time and their pricelessness should be rooted from a very young age. As parents, you can offer short assignments to your kids within a limited time bracket and reward them for completing them on time.


We always abrade through highs & lows of life with someone’s support emotionally & mentally, therefore we need to mentor our kids regardless of what the situation is. We have to stand as a part of their success & setbacks and rather than letting them feel discomfiture taking over them we should enhance their morale and we must celebrate equally.


Coordination & communication


One of the most vital traits to excel in any professional life is the capability to conveniently work in a team. And the other way is the way that we communicate efficiently. Kids must be educated on lessons about how to turn into good listeners and accept everyone’s suggestions very seriously, that is a mandatory thing for becoming a flourishing entrepreneur.


Teaching kids to become entrepreneurs is taxing but executable. You have to ascertain that you educate them on the appropriate skills at an early age so that they will behold them over into adulthood and utilize them to flourish & enhance businesses.

Being educated about entrepreneurship at an early age can aid a kid to develop life-long qualities. Traits like communication & networking identify what they’re strong at, discover their passion, and become more sharp-witted.