5 Ways That You Can Make Children Think Like Entrepreneurs

5 Ways That You Can Make Children Think Like Entrepreneurs
Skilledwise 11 May 2022

Present-day children think differently about their prospects, and many have concluded they don’t want to work for anyone else.

The latest survey reveals that:

  • Nearly 60.0% of children are more inclined to someday start their own business instead of working a conventional job.
  • About 2 out of 5 children surveyed mentioned that their motivation for entrepreneurship mostly emerges from social media influencers and celebrities.

A similar survey also submitted the findings like so:

45.0% of children desire to learn the ropes from current business holders.

37.0% would be inquisitive in programs at or after school educating entrepreneurship.

Approximately half of the children in grades 5 to 8 (51.0%) revealed that they consider beginning their own business, compared with 1/3rd (33.0%) of those in grades 9 to 12.

A little more than half (55.0%) of students admitted their school educates them about money and banking, and slightly lesser, 47.0%, mentioned their school offers classes on how to initiate or run a business.

Merely 28.0% of entrepreneurs were fostered to start a business while in school.

5 Reasons: To Teach Entrepreneurship to Children

Fosters Free Thinking:

Identifying and encouraging entrepreneurship in children promotes free-thinking and supports them gain self-confidence in their concepts and capabilities. Comprehending and applying the ideas of entrepreneurship helps children absorb the consequences of their efforts, unlike introducing chores, which are parent-directed.


A Vital Skill for the 21st Century:


Traits of entrepreneurship are also good life abilities. Being an entrepreneur demands one to stand updated with all the activities and come up with new theories and solutions to problems. All these events that children confront require them to utilize some of the most essential skills like crucial thinking, productive mindset, problem-solving, and more.

Educates Different Subjects as well as Multitasking:

Entrepreneurship is an integrative structure of education. Solving business problems demands widespread knowledge of subjects such as math, arts & language. To accomplish this, teachers amalgamate these subjects without letting children realize it. Also, when children are engaged in small activities they execute many tasks alone and that educates them in the art of multitasking as well.


Unveils Out the Best in an Individual:


An entrepreneur calls many diverse traits therefore it aids children in discovering their strengths and weaknesses and working on them consequently. This provides children in recognizing the domains that they need to sweat upon, and also they end up skilled in numerous things to excel up front.

Impregnates Goods Social Values: 

Children who comprehend how to make money, also understand how to give back, they absorb good citizenship. Being a prolific citizen is just as much about staying capable to be financially independent as it is about being humble, supporting others, and learning to take even big successes in pace.


5 Ways to Make Your Children Think Like Entrepreneurs

ACCENTUATE Accentuate the Prominence of Independence

Being an entrepreneur is about staying self-reliant and understanding how to believe in yourself instead of leaning on others.

 Here’s what you must do:

  • Instil accountability by letting them self-audit when they’re wrong.
  • Educate them to get back on their feet when they collapse rather than rushing to support them.
  • Motivate your children to draw their conclusions by offering them choices.
  • Allot tasks to them (e.g. completing their homework, handling age-appropriate household chores) so they can feel a sense of achievement after fulfilling them

INSTRUCT Instruct Them to Accept Risks

Outstanding things don’t arrive from comfort zones. Risk-taking is a critical element of developing an entrepreneurial frame of mind. Think of all the wonderful things that wouldn’t materialize for brave personalities who stood up for what they deemed in and strived for their ideas even if their ventures were dicey.

Thus, don’t guide your children to heedlessly obey. Rather, mould them to enfold their inner risk-taker, as it’s the only way to truly flourish. Dodge the lure to protect them at all times, and instead, allow them to confront life on their own and develop from those experiences.

ANALYZE Analyze & Organize How Your Child Spends Their Time

We’re inescapably influenced by what we consume daily. It affects our mood, behavior & even the way we think. Young children have their brains like squeegees – they soak everything around them.

Discover some educational games they can play with. Also, if there are certain subjects they’re contending with, guide them out. An experienced educator will easily determine areas for improvisation and ensure all the learning results are met. Remember, if you organize what they absorb early on, they’ll adroit to reap the benefits afterward.

STIMULATE Stimulate Curiosity and Motivate Creativity

Children are innate trailblazers. Because of this, they’re always enthusiastic about the world around them and are capable to reckon innovatively from a young age. As they grow up, their curious brain is muffled and their creative manifestation is often hindered. If you desire to raise your children to think like an entrepreneur, you must foster their creativity & curiosity through diverse activities.

  • Boost them to meet and interact with different people
  • Let them try a variety of foods and discover all the different tastes
  • Push them to get out of their comfort territory and navigate
  • Most essentially, invigorate them to ask questions.

IMPART-THEM Impart Them Life Lessons One Day Successionally

Teaching how to think as an entrepreneur involves huge time, it’s surely not something you can educate your children in some hours or even a few days.

The path to entrepreneurship encompasses all the diverse life traits that can only be obtained through experience. Thus, avoid the fire-hydrant method most parents use and instead, make it a resolution to imbue your children’s life lessons step by step, one day at a time. Let them navigate on this exciting journey by initiating small and being persistent.

Take the first step by teaching them about budgeting, providing them an allowance, and continuing by educating them about profits, taxes, and savings and how they can earn their money work for them.


It’s a parent's accountability to instil the importance of entrepreneurship in their children.

Becoming an entrepreneur is merely not a great way to comprehend just a few elements like spending, budgeting, and saving. Enhancing an entrepreneurial frame of mind can also prepare children up for a lifetime of smart financial judgments and a role of a honcho.

Even if you often contemplate if your children will grow up to be entrepreneurs, you have every answer to unveil them to entrepreneurship as early as possible, as the children of today are exceptionally bestowed to excel as entrepreneurs.