Instructor Led

Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship Courses

Age 8 - 18

  • Earn A Certificate Earn A Certificate
  • Personalised Classes Personalised Classes
  • Real Life Case Studies Real Life Case Studies
  • Game Based Learning Game Based Learning
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Skilledwise will instil the key financial principles that they will need to enter adulthood prepared to make good financial decisions. They need it more than us to shape a stress free life

  • Instructor Led Courses
  • Instructor Led Courses

  • A Certificate
  • Earn A Certificate

  • 2 Classes per week
  • 1 Class per week



Entrepreneurship education nurture the innovative talent which is essential for upcoming generation. We teach kids skills like design thinking, innovative approach, communication and team management

  • Instructor Led Courses
  • Instructor Led Courses

  • A Certificate
  • Earn A Certificate

  • 2 Classes per week
  • 1 Class per week

Skilledwise is for everyone

  • Parents who want their kids to be smart with money and shape their spending habits
  • School students who want to know how money works and where does it come from
  • College students who want to stay away from tempting debt schemes in the markets
  • Working professionals who are concerned about their saving and impulsive buying habits
  • Millennials who aspire to become ultra-rich one day and wants to start early in life
  • Students who want to start investing in stock markets & mutual funds
High Level
High Level

Key Takeaways from our courses

  • Knowledge of Earning, Saving and Employment
  • Understanding of smart spendings, Budgeting, Banking & Payments
  • Manage borrowings, loans, repayments and mortgages
  • Manage credit cards and save yourself from heavy debts
  • Importance of Insurance & smart money decisions
  • Start creating wealth at early age

Curriculum Advisors

Mansi Behl
Mansi Behl
IIM Kozhikode, CFA, BHU
Ex Sr. Manager EXL Services, Certified Career Counsellor | Ed - Teach Exp - 10+ Yrs
Jimmy Lim
Rohit Bangani
CFA, Masters In Finance
Sr. Finance Manager, Finance | TCS
IIM Udaipur, FRM, SCR, CPA Australia
Former Banker | 07+ Yrs
Certified Credit Research Analyst | Certified Treasury Professional | Sustainability and Financial Risk Professional | MSME Certified | CFA - Investment Foundation

Earn Your Certificate

Maximize The Perks of the Certificate Program:

  • Understanding the science of money

  • Instant and Delayed Gratification

  • Allowance Diaries & Savings

  • Creating Small Budgets

  • Difference between Assets & Liabilities

  • Introduction to Investments

Get Certified Get Hired

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they Instructor Led courses or Self-Learning video recorded courses?

Courses that we are offering are Instructor Led. Our instructors are holding more than 5 years of industry experience in different domains (Majorly Finance and Leadership) and they explain each concept very well.

How long will be the Trial Class?

Our trial class will be for 30 minutes where our experienced instructor would teach your child a valuable financial literacy or entrepreneurship lesson.

How can I enroll for the courses?

It is as simple as few clicks. You just need to select the course you are interested in for your child and click on Enroll Now to enter the details. Once you are done with filling details, please click on Submit button for final submission

Is there any refund guarantee if I am not satisfied with the classes?

Absolutely! We have no questions asked refund guarantee. You will get your money back within 24 hours of raising the refund request

Are you offering private classes or group classes?

We are offering the classes in both models which is 1:1 & 1:5. Class type is depended upon your choice and you can select your preference while enrolling for the course.

How many students will be in a group class?

There will be only 5 students in each batch.

Is it possible to get a loan with a monthly instalment?

Yes, if the course fee is more than 5,000 INR, you can opt for the instalment option and pay in instalments.

Do you offer doubt clearing sessions? What if my child has questions after class and wants some clarifications?

We do conduct regular on demand doubt clearing sessions with the parents and students to ensure the best possible outcome for our students. If you want to speak with any instructor separately, that is also possible for 15 minutes maximum at length.

After enrolment, by when the classes would start?

Every course has a date to start the batches. Session start date would be mentioned in every course detail page.